Hello, I’m Ivan Drinchev,
a web developer based in Berlin

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    Helping entrepreneurs and founders start companies and optimise operations quickly and easily.

I've been doing web-development for the last 10 years and through my career I've been working with multiple technologies and frameworks. These days I'm working more with TypeScript, NodeJS & ReactJS.

On the dev-ops side I just love building rock-solid development workflow, including continuous integration, vcs configuration, staging / production server provisioning and more.

My goal is to use the most appropriate tech stack for the requested work.

My paid work includes developing web sites and scalable web applications ( frontend and backend ), deploying them on various hosting providers and delivering responsive customer support for modifications through time. Also, I have done consultancy on development architectures, talent seeking and tech infrastructure.

Some of my projects also include design work, which I enjoy doing.

I also like to write technical specs, that developers love.

I’m a freelance web-developer

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I’m currently available for freelance and consulting endevours.